Archive 2019

4th Jan 2019

Sound Tradition









Sound Tradition is an a cappella folk foursome (David, Linda, Catherine and Moose) singing in glorious harmony, with occasional enhancements provided by Indian harmonium or the spoons. Their varied repertoire ranges from lively chorus songs to lilting ballads, and from medieval times to the modern day, but always with an ear for the English folk tradition. Hailing from East Anglia, Sound Tradition is building a reputation that has garnered bookings at clubs and festivals across the country. The historical background to the songs remains an important part of their enduring attraction. Many of the folk songs they sing include the tradition of social commentary and, of course, others are simply about drinking beer or frolicking in the hay.

18th Jan 2019

Damien Barber and Mike Wilson









Two of the finest exponents of Traditional Song in the United Kingdom; it is difficult to accept that these relatively young men, have a combined 40 plus years experience of performing at folk venues. Raised in Norfolk, Damien is a stylish and distinctive singer, either unaccompanied or using guitar or concertina. Though he has lived for a long time in West Yorkshire he retains a strong East Anglian identity. Mike Wilson is the youngest member of the Wilson Family, the powerful Teesside singing siblings who have raised the rafters at many a festival or folk club event. His musical heritage is emphatically that of the North East – rural and industrial folk song both traditional and modern. Together Damien and Mike showcase a rich shared repertoire of traditional songs, plus the work of modern folk writers such as Peter Bellamy, Ewan MacColl and Mike Waterson.

1st Feb 2019

Jess and Richard Arrowsmith











Also well known as half of the Melrose Quartet, a collaboration with neighbours Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, Jess and Richard Arrowsmith are both brilliant singers and musicians (fiddle & melodeon) and well established in the traditional English music scene. They bring you powerful vocals, subtle accompaniments, lively tunes and a broad range of material that will have you laughing, weeping, tapping your feet and joining in the choruses. Jess’s self-penned songs have been performed and recorded by a range of other artists and are entering the tradition in their own right.

15th Feb 2019

James Bros










The James Brothers are not really outlaws, neither are they brothers and only one of them is called James. They come from the lands down under – Australia and New Zealand to be precise; lands in which the traditional songs and tunes of the British Isles have evolved their own unique characteristics, like musical marsupials. And it’s these songs and tunes, and several of their own making, that they have united to play.

The James Brother who is called James is Sydney-born James Fagan – best known as the guitar and bouzouki playing half of Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, whilst the James Brother who isn’t called James is Jamie McClennan – a Kiwi who also appears playing fiddle and guitar in a duo with Scotland’s BBC-award-winning Emily Smith (whom he also married). For Fagan and McClennan this is about bringing their distinct Antipodean-steeped folk to a new audience, with songs and tunes brought to life by a fraternal bond between two very silly, but captivatingly gifted musicians.

1st March 2019

Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham









Keith and Sylvia sing mainly English traditional as well as traditionally influenced contemporary songs and work extensively all over the UK, Europe and beyond with collectively over 80 years performing experience (and neither yet walks with a stick!).
Both have a very wide ranging repertoire, strong voices and uncannily compatible and complimentary styles of delivery, affording an exciting enhancement in duo and between them produce a striking a cappella harmony sound. They also frequently accompany themselves, as well as playing lively dance tunes on three different systems of the only English invented musical instrument, the Concertina….. and when they’re not doing that you’ll probably find them in nearest charity shop!

15th March 2019

Pete Coe











Pete Coe has had more than 50 years of music making on the English folk scene. His contributions include traditional song research, song writing in traditional style, the founding of several seminal bands (including The New Victory Band, Bandoggs and Red Shift) plus solo and duo performances, as well as dance calling. A talented multi-instrumentalist, he accompanies himself on banjo, melodeon, bouzouki and dulcimer, but most importantly sings with power and passion. Pete celebrates narrative folk songs, rooted in English traditions, learned from the many characters he’s met over a lifetime on the road. He performs with great skill, presents with authority and good humour, whilst always encouraging audience involvement.