Match Report
Bute FC 3 - 0 McIntosh Minatours


Bute's back baby. We played one of our best games all season today, well done to everyone. We dominated possession the whole game, moved the ball extremely well, and got a lot of chances in. Carlo started us off with a beautiful left footer, before Jonathan pounced on a parried shot on the cusp of half time. We carried our good form into the 2nd half and gave their goal keeper a solid workout. Fortis slotted in our last goal from the edge of the 18 yard box after a through ball in to give us a comfortable 3-0 lead. Big shoutout to Rory for a fantastic performance on his debut.


Goals: Carlo, Jonathan, Fortis


Man of the Match: Carlo. 1 goal & 2 assists. Killed it today. Special mention to Fortis.


Dick of the Day: Angus, Azam, Hsiao, Karim, Usman, Anish, Habboub, &Nicholas for being lazy af


pce out