Match Report
Bute FC 2 - 0 Cowin


Bute FC 2 - 0 Cowin


It was a brisk Sunday morning, a sprinkling of snow covered the right half of the field. There was a sense of unease in the air. Something unusual had occurred. Sam had got out of bed before 11am.


There was an eerie sense of Deja vu for many, as BBD Ben Brennan-Doyle) started taking off his trousers. Fortunately it was only to put on his new shorts and don the entirety of the new kit. The new of our fallen comrades drifted in, with Jason narrowly avoiding a night in a cell (Wee Kev reincarnate?), and Ben being un-wakeable from his slumber. Miraculously Jonny wasn’t in Glasgow for the weekend and Paul took a break from sucking toes (which way round is it Carlo?) to grace us with their presence. Both were rewarded with a start.


A side sitting just the place below us faced us on this fateful morning. With our game still in hand and unbeaten run, it was assumed that our imposing starting lineup would put “fear into the hearts of men” Animesh). However, we had forgotten quite how disgusting the oppositions kit was and immediately were stunned by the contrast to the professionalism our team displayed. A fairly uneventful first 15 minutes passed with the game still struggling to find its feet. Soon after the game settled slightly and we soon developed the upper hand, having a large portion of possession and driving down the wings. 10 minutes later a change of front three prompted by an unfortunate recurrent injury to Viswan brought a new dynamic. Kieranbrought a new threat down the right wing getting across and in behind the opposition full back, but unfortunately we struggled still for an end product.Michael holding the ball up well on his chest and “mugging off” a defender before leaving him for dead inside our own half. Driving into the box with only one defender between him and the goal, Michael looked the favourite to come out on top. However the defender had different ideas fancying himself as a skinny John Cena and seemingly attempting to grapple him into an FU. Despite the beginnings of an assault claim the referee decided it did not warrant a penalty and was quoted as saying “Your chances are smaller than Carlo pulling on the weekend” in response to queries of a penalty. As always when faced with a decision that doesn’t go our way in traditional bute style we remained calm and respected the decision…


With the minutes ticking down to half time, the game looked certain to be a stalemate at the break. Our attacks were not producing the desired result but we could not complain after a long winter break and the beginnings of another clean sheet. What happened next was a moment of magic. Milesfound himself on the right edge of the box shoulder to shoulder with a defender, he found space with a cutback made famous by Joe Walsh, and struck the ball with his weaker left foot. Was it a cross, was it a shot? Thats what was so special about it. Rumours say it had so much curl the keeper didn’t know whether it was going to the near or far post. A bamboozled keeper was left looking foolish as the ball hit the back of the net barely containing its power and almost definitely breaking a few strings.


This gave us the advantage going into half time, and prompted the captain to make a host of changes in the ilk of Claudio Ranieri - the tinker man (also top of his respective league). However these changes didn’t have the desired effect, and found us pressed back in our own half for much of the opening 15 minutes of the second half with us looking to long balls toDouglas and Michael as our only out balls. However our defence stood strong and the tinkering continued finding Kieran a resurgence into the game in central midfield in which I can only applaud his aptitude for a professional foul. We remained steadfast at the back and the full backs either side of Elliott and Omer doing their teammates justice and offering protection down the wings.


The flowing changes continued, searching for the stability that would allow us to extend out lead further. It came in the familiar face, or should I say hair, of Lochlan. Tirelessly breaking down any threatening attacks before they could come to fruition. We found our way back into the game having successfully defending our one goal lead, and found a breakthrough with a savage counter attack. A through ball played early by Carlo set Michael in behind the defence and allowed him to get across the centre back. A fast break was finished with a powerful shot from close range to the near post leaving the goalkeeper no chance and flat on his back like a stranded turtle.


At this point the game was won. The oppositions spirit crushed, their tears causing the colour to run from those 1980s strips. We remain unbeaten, top of the league and Jason was in a room with windows and without bars. A successful morning for all.


Goals: Miles, Michael


MOTM: Michael - A really accomplished performance from the big man up top. Instant impact when he came on in the first half, holding the ball up well and bringing men into play and causing them trouble on the break. Continued his hard work through the difficult spell in the game and was rewarded with a well taken goal. Special mentions to Lochlan for another scarily consistent performance in front of the back four, who will be grateful no doubt, and Elliott and Omer for keeping their striker quiet all game and clearing any danger as well as starting many attacks.


Dick of the Day: Faris - when you turn up without boots and shin pads and then have to ask to play on the opposite side to avoid the “snow” what more can you expect. With thanks to Carlo for this nomination


Current Golden Boot Standings:
Kieran - 4
Carlo - 3
Miles - 3
Michael - 2
Alasdair - 1
Jonny - 1
Lochlan - 1
Mark - 1