Match Report
Bute FC 1 - 1 McIntosh Minotaurs


Win streak is over, but we're still unbeaten after our first comeback of the season. The condition of the pitch was less than ideal, which made for a scrappy game & made it tough for us to play our passing game - there were a lot of aerial battles that we couldn't match up to, but we made up for it with some strong counter attacks. Unfortunately, we gave away an unlucky penalty midway through the 2nd half, but order was restored with Kieran'spost-penalty goal towards the end of the game.

Shoutout to all the debutants, and to Chris for making some game-saving saves in the last 10 minutes. We finished strong, and showed some real character today. Proud of y'all!


Man of the Match: Julian. Put in a solid shift, and made some crucial tackles when we needed them.


Dick of the Day: Elliott for making me play centre back


pce out