Souper Thai Chicken Soup

Souper Thai Chicken Soup

This is my Chicken soup, there are many like it but this is mine. I am nothing without my chicken soup and my chicken soup is nothing without me.

There is no one way to make a chicken soup. Every mum in the land has got their  own way of making Chicken soup. It could be creamy and thick or clear and light we all have our favourite.

This is my family favourite. every time I can feel a cold coming or that we are feeling a bit worn out, I would make this soup. I remembered the first time Emj had the soup, her eye light up and she could not have enough of it. I was so happy watching her eat.

So once I was over my cold (you guess it, no one made me any chicken soup) and the family are staring to complain that they are not feeling themselves I knew it was time to make the soup.

Like most chicken soup recipe it is easy to make that is the great thing about chicken soup. The last thing you want to do when you are on the verge of getting ill is to make something complicated.


What I also love about this recipe is, there is alway enough soup leftover for me to freeze and have it with noodles or wonton soup. My pork and leek sausage Din Sum is great with the left over stock.

The vegetable I have used in this recipes are what I like but please feel free to use what ever vegetable you like. Add them in towards the end so that they are not all over cooked and lose all of its nutrition.

It will not be me if I do not have this soup with at least 3 condiments! Not sure if I have mention this before, I love condiments. I can not have a meal with out it. I would have Ketchup, mayonnaise and tartar sauce with my fish and chip that already have salt and vinegar on them.

I always served the soup with some Jasmine rice, pickled ginger, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar sauce and at lease one type of chilli sauce.

It is up to you what you decided to have with yours, I do not expect you to be as crazy as me. Yes I do realised that I am weird.

To be honest MrM alway just have it as it is, with no added extra.

Back to the soup. The one ingredient I highly recommend you to use if you can is free range corn feed chicken. They just have a better flavour for this soup. Normal chicken are fine too, I am not a chicken prejudice but corn feed are just tester.

Now let’s make this chicken soup before this cold gets worse

To served 4 you will need:

1, Whole chicken about 1.5KG

3tbs, Soy Sauce

2tbs, Oyster Sauce

1tbs, Ketjup manis – this is a new ingredient for me, I normally use sweet dark soy sauce but I know it is difficult to get in the supermarket. Ketjup Manis is widely available, so I have made the switch.

1, Onion – cut in half

50g, Fresh ginger – peeled and leave it whole

1, Red chilli – pierce a few hole in them

4, Clove garlic

1/2tbs, Whole black pepper

1, Chicken Stock Cube

2.5lt, Cold water

Pinch of Salt


10g, Dried mix Mushroom – soaked per instructions

100g. Shiitake Mushroom – cleaned and sliced

1/2, White cabbage – quarter

3, Pak Choy – cut to about 1 inch

100g, Sugar snap peas

4, Spring onion – cut to about 1 inch

handfull Coriander – chopped

1, Large pot that will fit the chicken in whole

Let’s Cook!

Firstly trim the chicken, cut out all the fat and the chicken behind  (we do not need to see that)

I aways pull the skins on the breast away too but not the from the legs. You want a bit of fat on it but not too much. Leave the chicken whole but remove the string.

Add the chicken and all of the stock ingredients into the pot, leave the vegetable.

Turn on the heat and bring the soup to boil then turn it down and leave it to simmer for 1.15 hours. Depending on the size of your chicken. Now, if like me you have a pot that is just about big enough but the water just does not cover the whole chicken then turn the chicken over half way. Removed the red chilli half way through too, we do not want spicy soup here just its goodness.

Once you are happy with the flavour of the stock (add more salt if you need too) and that the chicken is cooked add in the vegetables. I added the white cabbage first as it takes longer to cook. I would also add the dried mushroom now as it will add flavour to your stock. I normally chuck in the rest of the vegetable in the last 5 minutes.

That Is all there is too it. Its sounds like there are more to it than just chuck everything into a pot and go back to bed, but it is. I have even done this in a slow cooker (use less water) go out for a nice winter walk and come back to a warm soup.

I served the soup by putting the whole chicken into a large bow and add some soup on to it and we all just dig in with our chopsticks.

We have it with rice but that because I am from Thailand and we eat everything with rice. but you can have it however you like.

Hope you will like my chicken soup. If you are making it because you are not feeling well, I hope you get better soon.


Tips: any stock left over can be strained in to a freezer bag and keep for another day. Why not try it with my Dim Sum and have it like a wonton soup.

Note: English is not my first language. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical error.

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