Weekend Brunch – Grilled Leeks with Crispy Fried Egg and Tamarind dressing

Weekend Brunch – Grilled Leeks with Crispy Fried Egg and Tamarind dressing

How good does that sound? It is a perfect Sunday brunch dish or a great starter for when you have friends over for dinner. like most of my recipes it is easy and affordable to make.

People are asking me that Valentine is next week and and will I be posting a Valentine recipe?  Can I pease tell you that I hate Valentine with a passion. Not that I am a miserable loveless person, if anything I am the total opposite of that!  I just do not see the point of why I have to show my love to the people I love on a particular day? Valentine day is the most expensive day of the year! When I was still working in a restaurant this is our biggest busiest day of the year far more the Christmas party months.

I’ve spent years serving people Valentine’s brunch who look like they are there eating together because they have been told to do so.

If that was not enough, they are also being told by every restaurant that they must eat from the set menu only and must finish their romantic meals in less than 2 hours. So that another couple can come and sit down and go through the same thing. It is the one day we get the most complaints, because they are so unhappy to be there. Oh and don’t forget that everyone will also charge you double for everything on this day too.

Not for me thank you, but if it is something you love doing then I wish you all the love in the world.

If you fancy doing something a bit different and maybe cook a romantic dinner for each other over the weekend before this big day or even on the day then I think this will make a great starter or brunch.

I have been given some amazingly fresh eggs from a mum at Emj school who has a holiday let farm – Eatonden Manor Farm. I think the eggs were so good because the place is so idyllic. Happy chicken lays good eggs right? If you are looking for a staycation place then you should check them out.

This dish has everything you need – sweet, sour, sumptuous (see what I did there) and so delicious. The main part of this dish is the dressing. you can serve the dressing on pretty much anything. We have it on fried fish, steamed vegetable, grilled chicken or noodles. You can even make it with grilled asparagus and poach egg instead. A Thai version of Egg Benedict. (ooo light bulb moment)

To served 2 you will need:

2, lovely fresh eggs

4, baby leeks or 1, cut into 4

For the dressing

2tbs, Tamarind paste

1/2tbs, Fish Sauce (or 2tsp salt for my vegetarian friends )

2tbs, Palm Sugar

2, dried red chilli – deseeded (optional)

3tbs, water


1, banana shallots – very thinly sliced

Let’s cook!

Firstly make the garnish by frying your shallots in oil till crispy but not burn. I do this by adding the shallots into a pan with about 100ml of vegetable oil. Then turn the heat on to medium and let the oil heat up and cook the shallots. please do not take your eyes of them as it will burn in seconds. alternatively you can get them ready fried in oriental supermarket. Drain on kitchen paper and keep to one side. Note: I sometime use olive oil to do this and keep the oil to make pasta sauces with.

Make the sauce by putting all the ingredients together and bring to a simmer to desolve the sugar. stir to make sure everything is combine. Taste to you liking. it should be sweet first then sour then salty with a bit of heat but not spicy. The dressing might seems over powering but you are only using small amount and it will mellow down.

You can cook up to this step ahead of time and warm up the dressing before you serve.

All that is left now is for you to grilled the leeks oil them lightly and grill it on a griddle till cook. once that is done then fried your eggs. I do my egg in a really hot pan with a lot of oil, this way it will go crispy at the bottom but still runny. Please take care when doing it this way.

Serve by placing the egg on top of the grilled leeks and dress with a spoon of tamarind dressing and garnish with crispy shallots.

It might sounds complicate but trust me it is so easy.


Note: English is not my first language. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical error

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