Composition of Board

As part of the corporate governance and operational management upgrade agreed with UK Sport, the NISA Board of Directors undertook to move away from the structure of Portfolio Directors and Portfolio Sub Groups.

It was agreed to re-structure the NISA Board to consist of non-executive Directors who focus on setting the vision, mission, strategy, and policies of NISA and on overseeing the effective financial and operational management of NISA, both as a membership association and as the UK national governing body for the sport of ice skating.

The composition of the NISA Board proposed in Article 19 is therefore as follows:


In order to meet the requirements of the Code for Sports Governance, Article 19 provides for the Board to have:

• a maximum of 12 Directors (unless a larger number has been agreed with UK Sport and/or Sport England);
• a minimum of 25% Independent Non-Executive Directors;
• a minimum of 30% men or women, as the case may be.