Consultation with, and rights of, NISA’s Membership

The Code for Sports Governance requires the Board to have an engagement strategy, under which the Board provides information to NISA’s members and stakeholders and takes feedback from them, in order to ensure that the NISA Board takes into account the views of NISA’s members and other stakeholders, in formulating Regulations and Rules which affect them.   This engagement strategy will therefore include, over the next few months, considerations of the appropriate revisions to the disciplinary and complaints policies, rules and procedures. 

 Taking account of feedback from the NISA Membership and the EGM Focus Group, the Membership Engagement Committee will be a key conduit between the NISA Membership and the NISA Board for consultations on such Regulations and Rules.

 The proposed revised Articles cannot, and do not, override or supersede the powers that the members of NISA have under company law.

Key among these powers are that NISA’s Articles can only ever be changed by a 75% vote of the Voting Members of NISA, and that the proposed revised Articles provide for a majority of the NISA Board to be elected by the Voting Members.