Filling Board or Committee Vacancies, if required between AGMs

Article 24 gives the NISA Board the necessary powers to fill a vacancy if either a Board Director or a member of a technical advisory committee stands down, for any reason, before the end of his or her term of office.

These proposed Articles do not contain the restriction (which was included in the 14 September 2013 Articles) of holding elections only every two years.  Under the proposed Articles, NISA will be able to hold elections at any and every Annual General Meeting, as and when individual elected Board Directors and/or individual elected members of technical advisory committees reach the end of their terms of office.

This will also mean that any elected Board Director position, and/or any elected technical advisory committee member position, which has been filled on a casual basis by the NISA Board, will then be subject to election by the Voting Members of NISA at the next following AGM.