Methods of Electing and Appointing Board Directors

The procedures for elections primarily follow NISA’s existing processes, including the involvement of an Independent Scrutineer to oversee the counting of voting for elected positions on the Board and on the technical advisory committees.  The existing arrangements for postal ballots have been retained.  In addition, allowance is made for the possibility that, at some point in the future, NISA may wish to use a secure electronic ballot process.

In accordance with the requirements of the Code for Sport Governance, Article 20 specifies that all Directors on the NISA Board are to be appointed or elected, as the case may be, on the basis of their skills and experience.

In accordance with the good practice expectations of the Code, the process of identifying and recruiting suitable candidates to be appointed or to stand for election to the NISA Board, as the case may be, is to be managed by the Nominations Committee, which reports to the NISA Board.

The Nominations Committee has already been set up by the NISA Board, under the Board’s powers in the current 14 September 2013 NISA Articles.


Taking account of feedback from the NISA Membership and the EGM Focus Group, the provisions for the Chair or a Director who holds a senior position on the International Skating Union to be appointed or elected for a third term and thus serve for a maximum of 12 years have been removed from the amended version of the proposed revised Articles.