NISA Board’s powers to make Rules & Regulations

It is usual under company law, and it is a requirement of the Code for Sports Governance, that the Board of Directors exercises all the powers of the company under its Articles, and this is set out in Article 6.

In order to meet the requirements of the Code for Sports Governance, it is also important that the ultimate decision-taking authority to make Rules and Regulations for NISA is in the hands of the Board of Directors. Article 18 therefore gives the NISA Board the powers to make:

  • Regulations – which relate mainly to the way in which NISA operates as a company and a membership association; and
  • Rules – which relate mainly to the way in which NISA governs and manages the sport of ice skating.

Please note that, if the Special Resolution is passed at the 2 December 2017 EGM to adopt these proposed revised NISA Articles of Association, then the existing 21 September 2013 NISA General Rules will remain in force unless and until the NISA Board resolves to make any amendments.

The NISA Audit Committee has instigated a review of NISA’s disciplinary and complaints policies, rules and procedures, with the intention of bringing them into line with current good practice in the sports sector and to ensure that they meet current legal and regulatory requirements.   The Audit Committee will make appropriate recommendations to the NISA Board in due course.