Proxy Voting Guide

A Guide to the Proxy Voting Form

Your proxy voting form is the form you will need to fill out if you are not able to attend the upcoming EGM in person. It’s simple to proxy vote, and this short guide should help you understand each section of the form and how to complete it.

You can either use a black or blue pen to fill out the form, and you’ll need to write in clear block capitals throughout.

Step 1: Personal information

The first section is your personal information. Here you’ll only need to write your full name, NISA membership number and address.

Step 2: Nominating a Proxy

In order to vote you’ll need to nominate a proxy. This is a person who will be attending the meeting and will submit your vote on your behalf.

Most people nominate the chair of the meeting. Tick this option if you are unsure of who to nominate or don’t have a particular person to be your proxy in mind.

If you do have someone in mind to nominate as your proxy, you can tick the second option. Don’t forget to give the full name and membership number of your proxy voter. You’ll also need to let this individual know you’ve nominated them.

If you leave this section blank, the chair of the meeting will automatically be appointed as your proxy vote.

Step 3: Casting your vote

This is the most important part of the form. This section is asking you for your vote: whether you agree, disagree or abstain when it comes to the revised Articles of Association.  This is the sole agenda item proposed to the membership to vote on at the EGM.

The Articles of Association are the rules which govern how the organisation is run, and this section is ultimately asking whether you with to agree or disagree with their implementation. It’s also your right to abstain from the vote, which means you do not wish to make a decision either way.

Clearly indicate your decision via a tick in the appropriate brackets, and sign and date below.

If you do not specify a decision, your proxy will vote at their discretion on your behalf.

Step 4: Posting your form

Once you’ve made your vote, you’re all done! All that’s left to do is seal up your proxy vote in an envelope and send to Botham Accounting Limited. The address is in bold at the bottom of the page, it’s important you send it here and not to the NISA office. Please mark ‘Private and Confidential’ on the envelope of your proxy vote.

For your vote to be counted, it will need to arrive by 5.00pm on Wednesday 29th of November 2017, so try to post your proxy vote in good time – at least 3 or 4 days ahead of this date.

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