The changes in the new articles and compliance with the government’s code will allow NISA to access public funding. This will then support NISA in implementing its ten-year strategy.

Following consultation with members and coaches it became clear that coaches are unhappy with the current coach education provision, which is at present totally funded through coaching and licensing fees. Financial pressures on the Association restricts our ability to subsidise our current training provision. Access to public funding, if obtained, will enable NISA to improve the current training and resources we have on offer and at a reduced cost.

We are fully committed to improving coach education and will consult widely with the coaching community on the future provision of coach education. The new Articles of Association will allow the following key benefits:

  • You will have greater opportunity of representation on the board. The new articles will allow you to apply to represent all electedpositions.
  • Increased ability for you to advise and influence decision making on the future provision of coach education.
  • A technical committee for coaching.
  • Improved, affordable training and CPD opportunities tailored to the different needs of your skaters, from beginners to elite level.
  • More opportunities for you to network and learn from each other.


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