This year the government implemented a new initiative which has been developed by UK Sport and Sport England; a new code for Sports Governance. It is mandatory for all winter sports governing bodies to comply with the code by December 31st 2017.


We have made our Articles of Association (the set of rules which govern how we run), compliant with the new code, which has been designed to ‘further nurture the growing culture of good governance already seen’ in sport as a whole.  You can download and read UK Sports A Code for Sports Governance by clicking here.

The Code applies to any organisation seeking funding from Sport England or UK Sport, regardless of size and sector, including national governing bodies of sport, clubs, charities and local authorities.

The Code has not been designed to be a barrier to organisations obtaining public funding.

Government agencies Sport England and UK Sport consulted over 200 organisations on what should be included in the code over the summer of 2015, and found strong support for higher standards of governance, including:

  • 98 per cent agreed that councils in sports bodies should be more transparent
  • 78 per cent agreed that there needs to be increased diversity in organisations receiving public funding.

Both UK Sport and Sport England allocate money from the government and National Lottery to grassroots initiatives, clubs, charities, local authorities and national governing bodies.

Between 2013 and 2017 Sport England invested £493m into 46 sports while UK Sport invested in the region of £350m.

Governing bodies that fail to comply with the new code will not only lose funding but also risk the withdrawal of support sporting bodies need to host major events.



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