Who Can Vote?

The following Groups are Eligible to Vote

Full Members with more than 13 months continuous subscription
A member is over 18 years of age and has not had more than a 30 day lapse in membership over the last13 months.

Life Members
Explanation: A membership who has either paid for life membership or has been awarded the status as they have held continuous membership for 21 years or more.

Affiliated Clubs
Any club from any skating discipline that affiliated with us before October 1st 2017.

Methods of Voting

There are two ways of casting your vote either by Proxy or in person at the EGM.

Voting in Person
A sealed ballot box will be available at the reception of iCE Sheffield throughout the British Figure Skating Championship which is taking place between Tuesday 28th November and 4th December 2017.

You can also vote in person at the meeting which is taking place in the Glacier Suite at iceSheffield at 7:15pm on Saturday 2nd December.

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