An FT-817ND update for April 2018, The FT-818

An FT-817ND update for April 2018, The FT-818

So the ever popular FT-817ND gets a bit of an update, better battery, more power, and 5MHz straight out of the box..


Radio Features:
– Increased power output 6W(SSB, CW, FM) 2.0W(AM Carrier) *UPDATED!
– Improved frequency stability ±0.5 ppm : Built-in TCXO-9 *UPDATED!
– Larger battery capacity : 9.6V/1,900mAh (SBR-32) *UPDATED!
– 5MHz band (WRC-15 + UK frequency) Operation available *UPDATED!
– 208 Memory Channels / 10 Memory Groups
– Operates on 160-10m , HF, 6m, 2m and 70 cm Bands
– Ultra Compact and Portable
– Two Antenna Connectors
– IF Shift, IF Noise Blanker, IPO, ATT
– CW “Semi-Break-in”, CW Reverse, CW Pitch Control
– Built-in Electronic Keyer
– Multi-Color Easy to see LCD
– Internal Battery Operation Capability
– ARS Automatic Repeater Shift
– APO Automatic Power Off
– Front Panel Key Lock Mode

The New Flex 6400M

The new Flex range is superb, I have been using the new 6400M today, stunning bit of kit, really smooth..

the screen is clear and uncluttered, the windows 10 based app is just superb, well written and again really slick..

The latest version of smartSDR is much improved, with the colours leaping off the screen, clear crisp performance just brilliant..

more detail here: Flex from MLS

There’s a book all about SDR “software defined Radio” get it here: 






As always have fun! Gaz

Raspberry pi 4?

Ooohh it’s February, remember February 2016? Well the raspberry pi 3 was released.. I wonder if the the pi 4 will make an appearance this year? Or maybe we will have to wait till 2019 🙁

The pi 3 made micro computers almost a daily driver, but it lacks a little horse power, imagine 4 GB ram on a 1.8ghz CPU running some whizzy edition of Linux.. sporting usb3.x 🙂

Keep the raspberry flag flying, I was late to the party but have to say the pi 3 has a place on my lab bench 🙂

The RSP1A from SDR Play.

The RSP1A from SDR Play.

The latest offering from SDR Play has really hit the spot, with extra band filters including some for DAB and TXCO included..

SDR UNO has also had a a few tweaks, including the multi window start up instead of having to open each window one at a time.. there are also other tweaks with the addition of amateur band buttons..

I have a few ideas this month for projects using the RSP1A or RSP2 🙂

Don’t forget to have a look around the site as it has become very large! I am constantly adding things here and there, why not subscribe to my YouTube channel? 2018 is going to be a little more organised :-))




If your after a fool proof digital presence, them look no further than ft-8.. you don’t have to do a thing once its set up.

I found the easiest way to configure the WSJT-X software is use HRD as a host to control the radio, its so simple once its set up the rest is child’s play.

with 5 watts, our TS-590 was heard all over Europe on 20mtrs.. great fun mode and very easy to use, macro based.. once you have made a contact the software finishes the QSO for you..

FT-8 WSJT-X and a Yaesu FT450 or FT-DX-1200!

FT-8 WSJT-X and a Yaesu FT450 or FT-DX-1200!

FT-8 is becoming very popular, the WSJT-X software can be a bit of a nightmare to set up.. Using the entry level radios its really easy to get going with the AMAZING! RigbBlaster Advantage.. The RigBlaster works fantastically well with either the FT-450 or FTDX-1200 using the very popular WSJT-X! So I’ve put together a little document to help get either of these great little radios working; you can find it here.