Have a great Christmas! 

My word this year has flown by! Another year older and according to a general concensus “wiser”, I’ll take the latter with advice..

Thanks everyone for all the support, either at work, YouTube or this blog thing 🙂

Goes without saying I wish you all the very best for the Christmas holidays and for the brand new shiny year ahead!


TYT Companion Disk


I’ve put together a disk of files for the TYT range.. to help I’ve included a simple web page which will navigate around the directories under radio headed titles..


Enjoy… feel free to share codeplugs etc so I can help others, if you improve mine that’s fine, but please ping me over a copy 🙂


As I write this we are updating the new northern repeater line up on Brandmeister, we have worked hard to make sure the Phoenix is working on both the 2017/RT82 as well as the new MD9600…


Again your help, comments etc are always welcome! the disk zip can be found here: DMR Companion.

MD 9600, RT90, RT82, MD 2017

So the MD9600 has been modified, the clicking has been reduced (not completely) but this is a very cheap little radio, and to be honest you get a lot for your money, so I’ll forgive a few small .. OK you will have to be creative with the Codeplug to get over the strange VFO, again this is just part of the quirky nature of the Chinese radio culture. The Retevis RT90 is the same radio re-badge’d hopefully this has had the mods done as I’ve not had one on test.

The MD2017 has been popular, though I am hopeful that TYT address the antenna mount issues that have plagued it, I have not seen the same issues on the RT82.. the great news on all of these radios is that modified firmware keeps coming along allowing for ever more advanced uses of these little handhelds..

I’m just creating a future video list of all these radios and many more! if you have specific questions PLEASE just comment I will get back to you 🙂


I’m back after trapping a nerve in my shoulder, Dohhhh


who says exercise is good for you? I managed to trap a nerve in my shoulder meaning I’ve not been drawing or playing with electronics for a few weeks. not good, I’ve not uploaded any videos but do have a couple in mind for the very near future..

I’ve had a few questions via YouTube  and I hope I managed to answer them all, and as always please let me know if there is a particular radio etc you want me to look at.. I’m about to revisit the MD-9600 and RT90, 2 of the cheap DMR radios that hit the market a few months ago.. I have seen the updated model with improved function more detail in a follow up post..

I had a couple of folk ask me about drawing and painting, I’m not sure I’m qualified really to advise, however it was pointed out inspiration needs no qualification, I agree and will see what I can do.. 🙂


HAK5 Packet Squirrels have landed at work!!!!

The Packet Squirrel by Hak5 is a stealthy pocket-sized man-in-the-middle.

 This Ethernet multi-tool is designed to give you covert remote access, painless packet captures, and secure VPN connections with the flip of a switch.

Easily capture packets between any network endpoint. Save standard .pcap files to ordinary USB flash drives for later analysis with open source tools like Wireshark

Gain persistent, covert remote access with VPNs and reverse shells. It’s the perfect pivot point. Or place between any network segment to perform DNS spoofing man-in-the-middle attacks.

Confidently maintain privacy with this advanced hardware firewall and VPN router. All network traffic can be securely passed through encrypted OpenVPN-based tunnels with ease.

Call 0345 2300 599 and ask for Packet squirrel!

Whats new in 2017-2018?

So what’s new for 2017-2018?

  • SDR-Play updated UNO Software
  • Icoms IC-R 8600 (out) and IC-7610
  • Icoms RS-R 8600 remote software and CS-8600 cloning software
  • TYT-9600 with improved Firmware and hardware mods
  • RT-82 been out for a while, but still cool..
  • DVmega improved firmware and windows software
  • SunSDR-Pro2 Mac OS support..
  • so much more!!!

Pop along to www.hamradio.co.uk to see the latest stuff, come see me at my works hog roast saturday the 2nd of december 2017!!