Thinking to myself, “What can I do with all this crap in the junk box!” 

You know what it’s like, the junk box overflows and your faced with the decision “should I bin it” radios, the old the stupid and the ugly!

Well this time around I have binned a whole heap! Satellite antenna controllers that didn’t work, clone Chinese arduino boards adorned with wonky components doing strange things when moved. Or un-finished radio kits, I just don’t have the space anymore! Let’s face it I’ll never get around to fixing them 🙁

The good news! freshly re-discovered desk space has me THINKING! Yes I know “did it hurt” I’ve a few bits I repaired and stored like.. Computers, power supplies, test equipment, blah blah.. but? “what can I use this stuff for!” I have an array of pi computers sitting waiting for their instructions, and 25 arduino boards in various guises, yes 25! All very sad..

So I’m planning some “interesting” projects (at least interesting to me).

Watch this space :-)