Pi-hole Ad Blocker



Ok the junk box finds produced a hand full of RasPi, so I’ve created a network attached ad-blocker with a RasPi 3.

Difficulty 6/10 (would have been 2/10 but expect some big words and Linux syntax and scary partition stuff)

You Need a blank SD card (16gb) then flash it using win32image or mac/Linux equivalent and the latest Raspian lite distribution, available from raspberry pi dot org.. caution!! Check what drive you are flashing!!!!!!!!!! Unplug all external hdd or media!!! You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!

You need to pop the new card in your pi hole and run the Raspian updates as usual..

Then pop along to pihole to see the walk through..


You are running scripts that are very powerful and can have hidden unsafe content, ensure you get the code from raspberry pi and pi hole, I would strongly advise against using an image already configured.

So on the Pi-hole Web page you will find a piece of syntax starting with curl.. There is also a manual way of installing and an invitation to inspect the script for harmful content.

Simply type the syntax as you see it (case sensitive) and hit enter.. Follow the on screen prompts, if you don’t understand what each subsequent stage is Google it as you go.. Photograph the confirmation screen with your password.

Once configured you now have an ad blocker on you network just point your devices dns to the pi-hole and enjoy faster ad free browsing.

If you need further info just drop me a line, I’ll try point you in the right direction..

Ps I am not an IT security expert! Don’t follow any advice I give on any subject.. Period!

Have fun, trust no-one… Least of all me, I am often wrong.