I’m back after trapping a nerve in my shoulder, Dohhhh


who says exercise is good for you? I managed to trap a nerve in my shoulder meaning I’ve not been drawing or playing with electronics for a few weeks. not good, I’ve not uploaded any videos but do have a couple in mind for the very near future..

I’ve had a few questions via YouTube  and I hope I managed to answer them all, and as always please let me know if there is a particular radio etc you want me to look at.. I’m about to revisit the MD-9600 and RT90, 2 of the cheap DMR radios that hit the market a few months ago.. I have seen the updated model with improved function more detail in a follow up post..

I had a couple of folk ask me about drawing and painting, I’m not sure I’m qualified really to advise, however it was pointed out inspiration needs no qualification, I agree and will see what I can do.. 🙂