MD 9600, RT90, RT82, MD 2017

So the MD9600 has been modified, the clicking has been reduced (not completely) but this is a very cheap little radio, and to be honest you get a lot for your money, so I’ll forgive a few small .. OK you will have to be creative with the Codeplug to get over the strange VFO, again this is just part of the quirky nature of the Chinese radio culture. The Retevis RT90 is the same radio re-badge’d hopefully this has had the mods done as I’ve not had one on test.

The MD2017 has been popular, though I am hopeful that TYT address the antenna mount issues that have plagued it, I have not seen the same issues on the RT82.. the great news on all of these radios is that modified firmware keeps coming along allowing for ever more advanced uses of these little handhelds..

I’m just creating a future video list of all these radios and many more! if you have specific questions PLEASE just comment I will get back to you 🙂