Windows 10?, you can slow data harvesting, learn how here…

Privacy is important, protect yourself on windows.. read about spy-bot anti beacon here and how you can slow the data harvest on windows 10…

Spybot Anti-Beacon

there are lots of programs around that offer to help.. take care many are full of malware! short of adopting an all Linux experience, there are a few things to discover in the privacy settings in your present operating system.



MB6WA C4FM NODE is back on air..

C4FM has picked up a little more and I’ve put the node back on, its been given less power than a hand held in a puddle, but its there use it! I will script it so that if no one txs into it within 7 minutes it will exit the room its in.. this is to stop the radio from constantly txing for the listeners.. cruel i know, but the radio glows in the dark txing for 2-3 hours!! you have a mic, use it..

New 3D printer arriving soon!

The Printer….

So the new 3D printer arrives on Monday! Can’t wait! interested to know if it will have a heated plate, fingers crossed.. I’ve chosen the “Anycubic assemble Delta Rostock 3D printer Kossel” its a very good looking piece of kit, COME ON AMAZON!

  Only time will tell if this printer is any good, but I wanted something with a relatively small foot print, I will make a nice acrylic case for it to work in later. Mean while I need to bust out the 3D software, software of choice is 360 from Autodesk.. I’ve been using cad for best part of 16 years if not more and still love autodesk. However some of the other products around out there are truly amazing.. TINKERCAD is free to use online and is sooo cool..

The Plan….

I plan to be able to make my own cases and printed circuit boards, with the addition of a small light weight router head this might be able to engrave and cut small parts…