Yaesu FT991/FT991A VHF and UHF wideband modification.

There’s talk of a wide band “get around” on the VHF/UHF portion of the FT991/A.. well I dont want to be the bearer of bad news! BUT!!!!!! if you change the band from EU to USA it is a ONE WAY TRIP! it will wipe out a lot of your RX frequencies leaving you little or no option other than a full hardware wide band mod..  It could also wipe out the 3 year warranty instantly..

It is blooming frustrating not being able to wide band the VHF/UHF portion of the radio but it simply is not possible without some form of compromise. changing the radio from EU to USA spec may also de value your radio..


New Version of SDR#! and updated GqRX for AIRSPY!!!

Faster and more efficient CPU usage!! http://www.airspy.com 

AirSPY will now run with GqRX on Raspi-3! you must compile from latest GqRX source.. pop along to Chertsey radio clubs blog for details how to install GqRX on your RasPi..