New Version of SDR#! and updated GqRX for AIRSPY!!!

Faster and more efficient CPU usage!!  AirSPY will now run with GqRX on Raspi-3! you must compile from latest GqRX source.. pop along to Chertsey radio clubs blog for details how to install GqRX on your RasPi..

Dynascan-1D PMR

PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1_14_0 Used for the Dynascan 1D Mini programmable PMR handie programming cable.. DYNASCAN-1D_OFICIAL the programming software is available elsewhere on the web but here it is to make things simple.. to program: turn the radio on, press the on button once it will display “PF” insert the jack within 1 second, otherwise it will TX.. if … Read moreDynascan-1D PMR