Raspberry pi 4?

Ooohh it’s February, remember February 2016? Well the raspberry pi 3 was released.. I wonder if the the pi 4 will make an appearance this year? Or maybe we will have to wait till 2019 🙁

The pi 3 made micro computers almost a daily driver, but it lacks a little horse power, imagine 4 GB ram on a 1.8ghz CPU running some whizzy edition of Linux.. sporting usb3.x 🙂

Keep the raspberry flag flying, I was late to the party but have to say the pi 3 has a place on my lab bench 🙂

Tytera MD9600 Codeplug and New CPS

Ive been beavering away sorting out the codeplug for the new MD9600.. I’m there! Need a great little DMR/analogue radio? You really will love this! The 9600 is pretty much brilliant in the shack and the right size to tuck in a cubby hole in the car.. button mic giving lots of control.. good sound easy to use.. check out the tyt page 😉