VHF & UHF Digital Voice Modes

DMR Live!

Brandmeister    http://www.bm-dmr.uk/dashboard/index.php?page=lh

Phoenix              http://www.opendmr.net/index.php/live-monitor/


DMR radio is still on of my interests, I personally like the Hytera range of products amazing build quality and great audio (for DMR) however the best budget radio by far the Tytera MD380/390 the later can even have GPS!

If you require a Codeplug, there are one or two located on this site under radio programming, please understand the work that goes into these is immense, if the repeater you need isn’t included then add it.


here’s a few useful links to get you under way..





The HRI-200 Wires-X software, apparently it sometimes fails to download from yaesu wx1060en-1

HRI-200 wires-x manual   wires-x_manual_eng_1407-a0

FT-1DE  Wires X Manual ft1dr_de_wires-x_1410-b0