The DV4Mini


The DV4mini Computer based Hot-spot,available as a 70cms/2mtrs/70cms AMBE

needs setting up, you need to be registered on the DMR/CCS7 system, USB drivers work well, multi mode DMR/C4FM/D-Star/P25. Easy to set up and good results on both PC and RasPi.

Common issues are:

  •  no driver found, solution is to look at your anti-virus and or install manually using the drivers from helitron http://www.dv4mini.de drivers here usb-driver-dv4m-win7-8-10 and latest raspi dv4mini.exe for pi here raspi_21.11.2016
  • Wont connect, you need to register on the DMR network, make sure all the red boxes are turned green. you also need enter your locator.
  • DV_serial has stopped working.. most cases this doesn’t happen often, if you cannot start dv_serial then un-install the whole package and reboot.. re-install the the software as admin..
  • wont TX on 2 mtrs, you need the latest software from www.dv4m.ham-dmr.ch.

Now available as DV4Mini AMBE, no need for a radio just a PC and headset.. Manual-DV4mini_English-V2_0-2016_07_23