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Radiosport head set cable is

SUN SDR PRO2 Transceiver 20W HF and VHF




The SunSDR2 transceiver can be delivered with an optional WiFi unit.

Whats in the Box

  • SunSDR2 PRO Transceiver
  • LAN-cable 1.8m for connecting to local network
  • Power cable 2.0m for connecting to power supply
  • Two 6.3mm phono male to 3.5mm phono female adapters to connect a headset to the radio
  • CD with software (latest version always available at or
  • Mini UHF (male) to SO239 (UHF/PL female) pigtail adapter with 30 cm  RG58 coax.

Optional Configuration

  • WLAN Unit (currently not available)


In addition to the transceiver we also recommend the following accessories :

Transmitter Specifications

HF output power 15 (max 20W)
VHF output power 8W
Frequency range All ham radio bands (160-6m, 2m)
DAC converter 14 bit 640 MSPS
SSB carrier rejection >70 dB
I/Q image rejection >90 dB
IMD3 30 dB
Dynamic microphone impedance 600 Ohm (Yeasu MH-31 compatible)
Receiver Specifications

Frequency range 10 kHz to 65 Mhz, 95 MHz to 148 MHz
Oversampling frequency range 10 kHz to 300 MHz
Bandscope width 20 kHz to 80 MHz
IQ output sample rate 39, 78, 156 and 312 kHz
Independent receiver channels 2
Blocking Dynamic Range (BDR) 129 dB
IMD3 Dynamic Range 100 dB
I/Q image rejection >110 dB
Sensitivity (preamp on) 70 nV
Attenuators -20, -10, 0, +10 dB
ADC converter 160 Msps, 16 bit
10 MHz reference input Optional
WLAN interface 100 Mpbs
LAN 100 Mbps protocols UDP, ICMP, ARP
Onboard high quality audio DAC 24 bit
Output for external equipment