My web blog started as a bit of fun, but has now become very popular!  Huge thanks to everyone who supported the project as it crept along, now in access of 67 78 pages!.. I’d also like to thank people for the kind words on the videos, I’m not a natural camera talent! Please keep the requests coming I am in a very blessed position having access to the newest and best radio equipment.

As you can imagine there have been so many questions and comments emailed to me over the last year, so I’ve decided to share some of them, the best and the funniest at least!

At this point I should add, “This website is a FUN project intended to help others. Totally my opinions and not that of anyone else or any companies I may mention because they have something of interest to ME! I will always recommend the company I work for when buying HamRadio stuff, they are the best! :-)” So understand this is my hobby NOT my work! and everything contained within the confines of this website is total garbage!  


  • Can I put windows on a pi? 

Mmm sort of, there is an IOT version of the platform, I’ve not used it.

  • Can I run (xxxx.exe) on Raspian? 

Again sort of, not in every case! You can try Mono..

  • Can I use a raspberry pi as a……? 

This one has come up a fair few times and the answer is…. Probably! Try it! My advice is use a hdd drive where possible for the read write intensive stuff sits and the ssd for system stuff.. Sd cards don’t like lots of writes and can fail.. So back your card up with win32imager etc.

  • I have a Mac…. I can’t find software.

MAC users tend to be in the elite of computing and possibly adapt a Unix program to work for you?? Or tell you where to find something suitable.. I don’t use them simply because Windows and Linux work best for me. I’m not the best person to ask, and I really don’t care which is better! Lol

  • Is Linux more secure than Windows? 

This is seriously not a question for me! But as I understand it Linux uses onion skin type defence with permissions, where as windows does not.. This is set to change! You can make your windows box safer by using account profiles users and power users.. If you are surfing the Web you don’t need to be admin!

  • I read that an Atas 120 can let in water.

All I can say is, like anything if you use it in adverse weather it will need extra TLC! Drying and cleaning etc and store Atas antennas slightly out of the end stops, they can be prone to sticking when the coil/contact coating oxidises if stored for a while. Obviously there has to be a vent somewhere in the design or the antenna couldn’t function. The Atas 100 on the other hand didn’t use a rubber top seal, nor was the top primed with silicone grease.

  • Will I do a page on….?

Yes, why not?! Just let me know what it is you want to know, I’ll do my best..

  • Am I the same Gary who works at..

Yes, I am…

  • What’s new? 

I get a lot of links and email with odd ball things to follow up, very little is truly new..

  • The pi images don’t work.

You need to burn/flash the sd card via win32imager, you can’t just paste the files.. Please note I have removed the images while I update them..

  • How many 3d printers do I have? 

I have three now, one fully functional delta, and one kit not built and a part built fell off a table given to me smashed to bits!

  • Is 3d printing easy? 

Yes in the end it is,  but set up is NOT!

  • What radio do I have?

I have an FT-450.

  • Why do I have an FT-450?

It was cheap, and I can use any radio I like from the shop, it’s a hard life. 

  • What’s my favourite radio?

Icom IC-7851, simples.

  • what 3D printer would I recommend

Ultimaker, I just cant afford one!

  • why did you take the Fusion gateway off air

Money, time, and lack of use… it costs around £1000 in the first year to set up a Gateway and £2500 to set up a Repeater..