Hytera Models



The Hytera Range


The X1P, flagship hand held DMR Radio.

pd68x_4 x1p_4


The PD-785, the work horse, durable construction and technically advanced.



MD-785 best mobile by far for the money

26-600x600   md78x78xg_1-600x600



UK South code plugs, CPS, Firmwares

V8.09 CPS (latest CPSfor AR685)

V8.09 Firmware  (Latest Firmware for AR685)

V8.09 Code plug AR685G_MLS_8.0

V7.06 Code plug AR685G MLS 7.06

MD/PD 685/785/655 – 7.08 CPS dmr_sw_cps_v7-08-04-004-em5_-1

MD/PD 685/785/655 – V8.00 EM5  dmr_sw_cps_V8.0 EM5

PD-365 – 1.04 CPS dmr_cps_v1-04-04-012-em5

PD-365 Upgradekit to V1.04.14.001 firmware

Hytera USB Drivers (PD-365) pl2303_usb_to_serial_v1-30

Hytera USB Drivers (MD/PD 685/655/785) dmr_usb_driver_v5-30-42-0

Pick the bones out of these, get you started at least!

2016-code-plugs hytera

md-785-dec-2016 Last Code Plug

md-785-2016-el-added md-785 Code Plug

mls-blank-md380 TYT Code Plugs