Shark OpenSpot



About a year on, this small device has proved itself to be one of the easiest most versatile hot-spots, totally brilliant!

The Open-Spot Shark-RF, Stand alone DMR hot-spot, doesn’t need any supporting device (truly self contained) access the menu via any browser on any platform.

Radio operation on C4FM:

  • You can change rooms with your C4FM radio by entering the Special command DTMF code (by default it’s *) followed by the desired room number,
    (for example *99 for room 99). If you are using a DMR radio, then you can change rooms by starting a private call to the desired room number.
  • If you want to change servers, you can do that by setting up different configuration profiles in openSPOT, one for each server.
  • Switching between configuration profiles is also described in the user manual.

Common issues are:

  • Connection issues, check your router firewall, are you on the same network?? eg you cant go through your mobile network to access your local unless you know how to do it.
  • Not reading the online manual,
  • Some people want to use it mobile, so have to use a TP-Link MR-3020 travel router to add Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi is not the best way to use ANY dongle device)
  • These are shipped fully working, they do not need firmware unless it tells you, there’s no need to reset straight from the packet!
  • Do not change the default password unless you have it on the public side of your firewall.