MD9600, MD2017, RT-82 Dual Band DMR, with codeplugs.

DMR Dual band Radios.

Yes there’s more!! Tytera MD-2017, Retivis RT-82 and the NEW Tytera MD-9600!

The MD-9600

Locked out with a password? easy.. navigate to C:\TYT\CPS MD9600 V1.18 then edit the file Setting.ini.. scroll down to password=0 and edit the 0 to password (password=password) then save changes.. job done you can now read or write to any locked MD9600!


MD-9600 updated firmware on 5th, Dec

MD9600 Fully Loaded V2

MD9600 CodePlug fully loaded

CPS MD9600 Setup v1.12

                                                              CPS MD9600 Setup v1.18

Dual Band mobile radio, its ok on the face of it, pleasing looks, simple to operate with VFO function.   VHF 50Watts and UHF 45Watts





The Retivis RT-82

Better built than the Tytera MD-2017 but ultimately the same radio.

RT-82 updated 05092017