Links to other websites

Some of the websites that I like..  Essexham always give a great impression on the web, nice site..   Internet traffic monitor on steroids, brilliant!             The Blackpool Brandmeister repeater, run by Dave (M0AUT) and others!! 🙂     The bestest radio shop, not least cos I work there.   Heil Microphones, the PR40 is a peach! RadioSport headphones, amazing build quality.           IF taps, very cheap and neat install!        DV4 Mini resource.   Informative site, loads of info.       Good quality info on the DV4Mini, careful with the firmware, check you device is compatable.  brilliant!  Cannon DXX SLR firmware hack..  free image editor for windows and linux.  CNC stuff.  Ham Radio Deluxe software. raspberry pi site. the git hub repository of opensource. Professional CNC Routers sizes up to 3mtrs x 2mtrs. 7-Zip File decompression tool. Useful kits and UHF and SHF filters/duplexers/LNAmplifiers  Simply one of the best resources around, I love RP.. TinkerCAD.  network security expert.  note pad++. Radio manuals galore. Times Technology T101 antenna analyser. Rigol test equipment. EAntenna Hytera Firmware and CPS