Research Experience and Interests

Research Interests

My main research interests are within Autism Spectrum Disorders. Specifically, since the day I first heard the term, I have been grappling with the question “What is Autism?”. In trying to answer this, my research has taken me to explore gender differences in Autism, and increasingly social development and emotional literacy within Autism.


Research Experience

My undergraduate research training focused on the scientific method, study design, the use of univariate and multivariate statistical models, and academic writing and critiquing. My Masters furthered my undergraduate training, but allowed me to develop a greater understanding of Qualitative Methods, in particular Template Analysis and Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis. It also provided greater insight and experience of conducting research in clinical settings. My Doctoral training has provided introductions to more advanced techniques, such as Structural Equation Modeling and Meta-Regression, but has focused on project management. In total, I have completed 70 B level credits, 60 M level credits, and 80 D level credits of research training, in addition to an extended dissertation/thesis for each course.


Full details of my publications can be seen here