The heart of any Opus system, HD Series Power Converters are hi-fi amplifiers on industrial scale. They deliver a degree of clarity and detail previously unattainable in high power sound reinforcement systems, while setting new benchmark standard of reliability.

Two independent channel modules are contained in a 19” rack-mount format, each one optimised for specific drivers in specific loudspeakers within the Integrated System.

Output powers are managed so that loudspeakers, particularly delicate HF drivers, can never be over driven.
At the same time the OpusCOOLTM cooling system quietly exchanges hot air up to 56 litres per second, ensuring that even the most powerful HD module reaches no more than 45˚C above ambient. Even when run indefinitely at full output. This ensures both consistent performance and long term reliability.

The OpusGUARDTM micro controller management system intelligently monitors all amplifier parameters and protects against faults, as well as providing sequential system power-up and soft unmute.


  • Modular channels (500W to 2500W)
  • Modules matched to individual speakers
  • Cool running
  • Fail-safe system protection
  • Ultra high fidelity sound definition
  • Sequential system power-up & un-mute
  • Soft mute/un-mute
  • Automatic restart after mains supply interruption
  • Minimum signal path