About Us

At Opus the focus is primarily on quality and purity, not only in the build and sound of our products, but in how we approach research. Over the years we have developed a range of speakers and electronics that produce the finest commercially available sound.

With the launch of our reference studio range we are now upping our legendary quality, by achieving new standards and turning heads in the professional and Esoteric HiFi market. This has all been achieved by holding on to principles of constant improvement in quality using the past as our constant guide. We are always being bombarded by new electrical components that purport to be better, quicker and cheaper, however in general we have found this is rarely the truth.

What looks good on paper often does not stack up when the human ear is involved, which after all is the only important measuring tool. The result is a range of speakers that deliver accurate life like sound, almost to the point where the speaker electronics chain disappears into the back ground.

In a way we produce the best speaker systems you’ll ever hear!