Past Events

January 2012
Loh Humm Singapore
Spring awakening show using T950/925s and HD amplifiers

November 2011
Singapore Repertory Theatre
SRT Have taken delivery of a T950/925/300 system for

November 2011
Crazy For You Novello Theatre
Transferred from Regents park using T950/925/300/ISO6.3s and HD amplifiers

October 2011
Gatecrasher Leeds
Re-opening of clubs 2 rooms using a wide range of standard and bespoke boxes powered by HD amplifiers

September 2011
Spa Complex Scarborough
Main venue install new central cluster using 2 x T950 and HD amplifiers

August 2011
Crazy for You (Regents Park)
Outdoor show using T950/300/ISO6.3s and HD amplifiers

June 2011
ABTT London
Launch of T900 series.

October 2010
The National Theatre
Surround sound system for Lyttelton Theatre using ISO6.3 and HD amplifiers

May 2010
Theatre, Esplanade Singapore
Surround sound system for Theatre venue using almost 50 ISO6.3 and 18 HD500/500

February 2010
Phat Sounds New Zealand
New System comprising CS/SB/MP Speakers and HD amplifiers and controllers

January 2010
Moseley Mill
New theatre installation using PSD800/400/MP400 and SB118 speakers and HD amplifiers

January 2010
Ukrainian Cathedral
Demanding requirement for speech intelligibility solved using ISO6.3 and HD amplifiers