CS850N Loudspeaker


cs850nThe CS850N is an 850W, bi-amped, Mid-High active loudspeaker ideal for flown or ground-stacked applications in medium to large theatre and nightclubs.

These speakers can be formatted in horizontal arrays for total 360 degree dispersion.

When combined with the Opus range of sub-bass cabinets it creates an unrivalled compact system in terms of sound quality, low weight and truck pack.

The slender profile of the CS850N also allows minimal interruption of sight lines.



  • Zone Fills
  • Delay Fills
  • Theatres
  • Places of Worship
  • Presentations
  • Nightclubs
  • Sound reinforcement


  • 850 Watt
  • Active
  • Arrayable


  • Fly vertical
  • Fly as downfill
  • Ground stack