T-ISO6.3 Loudspeaker

T-ISO6.3 LoudspeakerT-ISO6.3 • OVERVIEW

The Opus T-ISO6.3 is a 125W, full range, two-way passive loudspeaker for very high fidelity applications in reinforcement, monitoring and presentation applications.

The T-ISO6.3 has a transparent audio fidelity unlike any other large PA loudspeaker, making it suitable for very high quality reinforcement and amplification systems.
Fitted with a 75mm (3”) planar ribbon HF driver and 165mm (6.5”) LF driver gives exceptional horizontal dispersion and unrivalled intelligibility giving precise, phase coherent audio reproduction.
The cabinet has a dispersion of 120˚ x 30˚ with 74Hz to 40kHz frequency response.
The Opus T-ISO6.3 features Opus’s PWI (Pistonic Wave Integration) Technology. All the drive units work within their acoustic break-up modes producing an even power response and  phase coherent output.
Powered by Opus Audio’s High Definition amplifiers provides an integrated system of exceptional fidelity.


  • Phase coherent ribbon technology giving unrivalled intelligibility
  • Extraordinary fidelity of audio
  • Even frequency response with very smooth off-axis response
  • Exceptional phase coherence delivering accurate representation of source material
  • Full range, high power, compact format cabinet
  • Rotatable HF dispersion


  • Theatres, concert halls, clubs, houses of worship
  • Voice and music reinforcement systems
  • Touring and installed audio systems


  • The 75mm (3”) planar ribbon HF driver
  • The 165mm (6.5”) LF driver.
  • The internal passive crossover