T228 Sub Bass Loudspeaker


The Opus T118 is a 1000W, single 458mm (18”) active reflex loaded sub bass speaker. The special design results in a highly efficient 132dB peak SPL and very high definition at low frequencies.
Very high forward gain and reverse attenuation ensures that very little sound escapes from the rear of the cabinet, allowing extreme bass impact whilst avoiding outside environmental noise problems.

In touring systems there is little or no FOH sound at the monitor position.
The T118 is an ideal compliment for Opus 9 Series main cabinets.


  • High efficiency sub bass
  • Extraordinary fidelity of audio
  • Even frequency response with very smooth off-axis response
  • Exceptional phase coherence delivering accurate representation of source material


  • Theatres, concert halls, clubs, houses of worship
  • Music reinforcement systems
  • Touring and installed audio systems
  • Corporate and event systems

The 458mm (18”) high power LF driver with an inside/outside voice coil, an inverted dome with a double-roll Nomex surround, a demodulation ring for low distortion and an exponential cone. The 1.25T Neo-magnet has a ventilated coil/magnet assembly.