T300 Loudspeaker

m300T300 • OVERVIEW

The Opus M300 is an 350W, two-way versatile loudspeaker, equally at home in under-balcony or front fill applications as being pole mounted for small PA requirements.

The driver combination of one 200mm low frequency unit passively crossed over with a 25mm high frequency unit provides precise, phase coherent audio reproduction.

Conical dispersion of 95˚ x 95˚ with 75Hz to 20kHz frequency response.


The Opus 5 Series features Opus’s PWI (Pistonic Wave Integration) Technology. All the drive units work within their acoustic breakup modes producing an even power response and phase coherent output.

This, coupled with Opus phase linear crossover technology, produces unrivalled component integration.


  • Point source loudspeaker with the HF/LF coaxially mounted for good vocal integrity
  • Extraordinary fidelity of audio
  • Even frequency response with very smooth off-axis response
  • Exceptional phase coherence delivering accurate representation of source material
  • Conical pattern for even driving of venue acoustic
  • Integral flying and pole mounting fixings


  • Theatres, concert halls, clubs, houses of
  • worship
  • Voice and music reinforcement systems
  • Under-balcony and front fill applications
  • Touring and installed audio systems
  • Corporate and event systems


Can be used with M115 or M118 with integral pole holes for straightforward, high quality corporate events and music replay.
Use with larger Opus 5 Series components as under-balcony and fill speakers